What is cashmere?

In Mongolia they say cashmere is like gold or opium, once sampled the customer never forgets.

Pure cashmere is only the fine downy hair from beneath the outer hair on the belly and chin of a cashmere goat. The finest come from Alshan, Erlangshan and Alpas cashmere raised in Mongolia, Northern China and the Hymalayas. Inner Mongolia produces a fine long white cashmere some brown and some grey. Outer Mongolia produces mainly a thicker brown and grey cashmere. Cashmere from outside of China is a short, coarse fiber.

Cashmere v.s. Pure Cashmere

Cashmere is a limited supply of raw materials. Approximately 7000 tons of de-haired cashmere is produced a year. Harvested only once a year, it takes 5-8 cashmere goats to produce one sweater.

So why are there so many cashmere sweaters for sale? Cheap cashmere is inexpensive because it can be mixed with hair from the outer coat. Cashmere is a type of wool and the outer hair feels more like wool than lofty soft cashmere. This product may be labeled 100% cashmere: however it will be coarser and will not last as long. Mixing cashmere with other fibers such as cotton, sheep wool and camel is another way of reducing the cost, but these garments will never have the feel of cashmere. The finest cashmere will be labeled 100% Pure Cashmere.

There are many things to look for when purchasing a fine cashmere garment. Is the garment as soft and light as can be? Are the seams sewn with cashmere yarns? The yarn should be 2 ply for strength. Any additional ply is for fashion but does not add strength. Styling has a good deal to do with cost. How much cashmere was used to produce the garment? Cheaper garments will not only cut cost by skimping on style.

Cashmere Properties

  1. Cashmere has a soft silky finish
  2. It provides warmth without weight
  3. Cashmere has a high ability of moisture wicking properties. It can retain 15% moisture. Cashmere can absorb your sweat and release moisture to your skin when it is dry. Cashmere can also automatically modulate the body’s temperature.

About our Cashmere

Our product is made only from Albas pure cashmere from Inner Mongolia.

  • We select the hair that is the longest and finest of quality and use 2 ply yarn for strength and durability.
  • Our styling includes shell buttons: plastic is not appropriate for such a fine fiber.
  • Our garments are full fashion knits joined together with 100% cashmere yarns.
  • Our robes are styled with an oversized collar and added length to totally surround your self in the luxurious feel of cashmere.

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