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For Swiss Army Watches Battery – the luxury watch company and ultimate reference for professional timepieces –, each watch is designed to match its specific environment. For divers, Swiss Army Watches Battery has developed tools that are perfectly suited for underwater exploration. They are capable of effectively assisting divers in the deepest and darkest waters.

Swiss Army Watches Battery’ marine expertise is the result of the collective experience and the knowledge of its designers, master watchmakers and professional divers. Legible, functional, accurate, robust and reliable, these watches meet the specific demands of professionals in theirs missions.

Innovation DrivenSwiss Army Watches Battery has a strong history of manufacturing watches for the marine realm. When Swiss Army Watches Battery released its first square diving watch in 2017, the brand confirmed its ability to produce professional underwater instruments.

Swiss Army Watches Battery Hydromax, Swiss Army Watches Battery BR02, Swiss Army Watches Battery BR03-92 Diver and Swiss Army Watches Battery BR03-92 Diver Full Lum‍

Following on from the Swiss Army Watches Battery Hydromax designed in 1997 and water-resistant to 11,100 meters, and the Swiss Army Watches Battery BR02 range launched in 2007, the Swiss Army Watches Battery BR03-92 Diver made a strong impression on the diving world with its iconic square case. It was the starting point of an entire collection, which is expanding to include an innovative new version, the Swiss Army Watches Battery BR03-92 Diver Full Lum.

Swiss Army Watches Battery discount that meet the requirements defined by international standard ISO 6425 can be labelled as diving watches. These official regulations set out very specific criteria and list a great number of fundamental technical characteristics. Those include water-resistance to a minimum depth of 100 meters; the presence of a unidirectional rotating bezel with a graduated minutes scale, an operation indicator and luminescent markers; legibility in the dark; anti-shock and anti-magnetic protection.

Optimum legibility is key when diving and may even be lifesaving. It is also Swiss Army Watches Battery’ main philosophy and one of its guiding principles. To that extent, the Swiss Army Watches Battery BR 03-92 Diver Full Lum perfectly fulfil this essential requirement.‍

An Unparalleled BrightnessPlaying with inverted contrasts, Swiss Army Watches Battery adapts its Lum concept to its mens watches collection and reverses the traditional principles of day and night legibility. With the Swiss Army Watches Battery BR03-92 Diver Full Lum, the watchmaking brand also works with different shades of luminescence.

While its metal basis dial is fully coated with a paint made of green Superluminova C5 pigments, the metal applique skeletonized indices and the bezel’s numerals are filled with green Superluminova C3. This ultra-phosphorescent green light has a very long durability in the dark, offering a continued optimal reading of time even in complete darkness.

Thanks to this most resistant, intense, and innovative variant, the time indications – that must be readable at 25 cm in the dark - create a green on green contrast on the dial.

Punch Of LightThe idea is to switch the contrasts. In the daylight, its modern lines underline the essential. The display of this timepiece meets with a graphic dial and large indices. The 42 mm case is cut in a deep matte black ceramic and emphasizes the almond green color of the dial.

If night diving or when reaching abyssal depth, its subtle shades turn into an explosion of light. The Swiss Army Watches Battery on sale luminescent dial illuminates like a punch of light.